Body Detoxification

Body Detoxification simply means cleansing of blood. Removal of impurities from blood is considered as detoxifying of the body.

If properly done detoxification helps us regain energy and vitality. Moreover detoxification helps get rid of toxins built up over time through exposure to various toxins.

In today’s world getting natural or pure air is very difficult. One should always be cautious of their diet and nutrition. In addition we must be aware of good and bad effects of diet also.

When we are exposed to these chemicals or heavy metals, they block many of our enzyme processes. In addition, these can even shut down the production of necessary chemicals produced in our body.

Sources of Toxins

 Toxins in the body can enter from variety of sources like environment, indoor pollutants, health and beauty products, including our food and beverages containing chemicals and heavy metals.

There are different types to detoxify our body such as exercises, food and beverages items, even taking a good sleep can help. All we should do is try to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Regular detoxification of body and brain is very important for healthy living and boost immunity.

Simple ways for Detoxification

Some of the common ways for detoxification of body are as follows:

  • Running or Jogging

One of the basic and easiest way which we can do anytime is to take a long walk or go for a run while taking deep, energetic breaths. Running helps clear your mind, get your heart pumping and increased body sweating. Deep, energetic breaths help you focus and replenish your blood with some fresh oxygen. Doing this basic thing daily  helps you to burn fat, have a clear mind and cleansed body. Therefore detoxifying brain and body.


  •  Yoga and Hot Yoga for Mind Detoxification

We all know how helpful yoga is to keep your mind calm and healthy, but mixing it with hot yoga where you can burn fat and release detoxifying sweat can make it a good option to help. This is one of the best method of detoxification.


  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training is a workout design that have multiple workouts back to back, with little rest where you perform these at a maximum intensity for a set number of rounds. This will not only help you to produce more and more sweat but will build muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance as well.


  • Warm water with lemon juice

This is one of the best home remedies for body detox. Starting our day with a glass of warm water and fresh squeezed lemon can show you some really good results. This combination have a great tendency to reduce fat and boost metabolism. This should be consumed empty stomach for effective body detox.


  • Water for Purification

Being a necessary element for life, sufficient water is a good source to provide saliva, helps in perspiration and removal of waste as well. It is very important to keep the body hydrated which will help to transport waste products out of the body by urination, sweating or breathing as well. The average intake of water should be approximately 8-10 glasses or near about 2 litres.


  • Prebiotic Food Items

Adding more prebiotics to diet helps to increase good bacteria in body. It contains a type of fiber which feeds the good bacteria in gut called Probiotics. Good examples of prebiotic foods are onions, garlic, tomatoes, yogurt. These prebiotics keep immune and detoxification system healthy.


  • Adequate Sleep

In this hustle bustle of life we even run our mind during sleeping time. All the stress of the day should never come in between of your night sleep. Moreover a good sleep is a good friend of your mind. It’s just not about to reduce physical waste but the mental waste as well. Therefore taking a good sleep at night is as importance as physical exercise in the morning.


  • Reduction in Sugar and Processed Foods

These are one of the major reasons for some major health issues these days. Reducing or quitting junk food helps you to keep your body’s detoxification system healthy.


  • Quitting Intoxication

A severe reason for getting more toxic elements to your body is direct intake of items such as drinking alcohol or smoking. These are one of the major elements that harm liver, which generally plays a major role in detoxification. Excessive drinking or smoking leads to fat deposition or inflammation in liver. In order to keep the detoxification system strong one should stop alcohol intake and smoking as well.


  • Eating Anti-oxidants Rich Foods

Anti-oxidants are substances that protect cells against damages produced by free radicals. Consuming food containing anti-oxidants helps you fight free radicals. Hence decrease the chance of getting any disease. For instance fruits, vegetables, berries, spices, coffee and green tea are good sources of anti oxidants. Adding these items in diet help you get rid of toxic items from body.


  • Avoid Chemical Body Care Products

Exposure of our body to the chemical products for body care also harms the body. Moreover this enables a kind of path for toxic elements to enter the body. Avoiding these chemicals helps to detoxify body. In addition replace these chemicals with natural products for skin. Natural deodorants, makeups, shampoos and other personal care products reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

  • Less Salt Intake

Consuming too much salt  increases water retention. Moreover excess salt decreases the level of water from the body. If you find yourself consuming too much salt, you can detox yourself from excess water intake and potassium-rich goods like potatoes, spinach, banana, etc.


These are some of the basic ways to help you detoxify your body throughout. Although our body has its own detoxifying system like liver.Meanwhile we need to make certain precautions in our diet and routine. Having healthy diet along with some exercises helps you keeping fit and healthy.In addition these methods in routine detoxify brain and body. Thus resulting in good health. Regular detoxification is not only helpful for healthy brain and body but also boosts immunity.