mountain food

Visiting mountains, people think about either hot spicy noodles or momos and dumplings. But Mountain food is more than just noodles and dumplings. Winters, a season of cold and chilly days and nights have arrived.

We all are prepared to cosy up with warm clothes and accessories. But wearing warm clothes only is not sufficient to protect ourselves from cold.

Diet modifications according to the season also plays a very important role to keep one healthy and fit.

Nature provides alot of options to keep us warm during winters. For instance a wide range of fruits, vegetables and cereals available in winter season helps us to keep warm and healthy in chilly weather.

Consuming calories helps to warm up the body adding energy to immune system.

Winter appetite with rich and calorie laden food promotes good health. This may sound weird to few weight and calorie conscious people. But this is true and enjoy winters with mountain food for good health.

Local vegetation in particular season encloses treasure of good health.

The North Indian or North Eastern states which experiences extreme cold during winters have cuisines which can make you fall in love for them. Be it fruits, vegetables, pulses, oils, grains or non vegetarian preparations, most dishes are meant to protect you from chills.

List of mountain food to cosy up and keep healthy

Here is the list of mountain food that not only provide warmth in winters but also keep you fit and healthy so enjoy winters with mountain food for good health.

  • Mandua (Finger millet)/ Ragi
  • Himachali Red Rice
  • Timur (Sichuan Pepper)
  • Bhatt (Black Beans from Uttarakhand)
  • Bhaang (Hemp) seeds
  • Gehat dal (Horse gram)
  • Pahadi Palak (Spinach)
  • Buckwheat
  • Variety of Kidney beans (Rajma)
  • Jakhia
  • Bhangjeera

Different recipes made with these mountain food items are not only delicious but also help to cosy up during winters. In addition most of the mountain food items have anti inflammatory action. This property adds on to health benefits.

Addition of mountain food these winters to diet will satisfy taste buds alongwith healthy and fit body.

So don’t wait much to include mountain food in daily diet these winters. You won’t regret for added on calories, i am sure.