sleep as energy and immunity booster

Good sleep is considered as one of the best energy as well as immunity booster.

When you’re not getting adequate sleep, your immune system has a harder time healing from existing health issues and fighting off new illnesses. This in turn increase stress level. Hence resulting in lower energy levels and making body more prone to catch illness.

How Good Sleep act as Energy and Immunity Booster

Sleep serves to conserve and restore energy. Therefore Insufficient sleep has been linked to an imbalanced increase in energy intake over expenditure.
Healthy diet, regular exercise and good sleep all interact and influence our feelings of energy and our energy balance.
Moreover There is no replacement for a good night’s rest. Even a brief nap can improve neuro behavioral performance and relieve the pressure to sleep left by lack of sleep.
The best thing you can do for your sleep and energy levels is practice regular habits that ensure you obtain consistent, restful sleep night after night.

How to get Good Sleep as Energy and Immunity Booster
• Practice regular sleep routine
• Regular exercises
• Avoid alcohol intake especially during bedtime
• Strictly avoid using digital screens like mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets
Destress yourself with meditation
• Decluttering rules for your bedroom
• Don’t make your bed as working area
• Limit caffiene use

Try to follow these simple ways to get good sleep and boost your energy as well as Immune system. Good immunity is very much needed for better physical and mental health.

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