immunity booster

COVID 19 pandemic has made all of us more aware about role of body’s immune system to fight and protect against infections and diseases.

Immunity or immune system is basically a network of cells in our body which helps us to fight against infections. It helps us to protect from germs and infections trying to harm. It is everywhere in a body and contains different type of cells, organs, proteins and tissues. Our body’s defence system can distinguish our tissues from external tissues, it can heal the broken cells and can even clear the dead cells from the body.

In simple ways we can say that a system which helps our body to recover, to heal and to protect the body from outside viruses is known as Immune system. The stronger the immune system the less one will get infected.

As we all know in this era we are more prone to diseases. There are germs and viruses everywhere. Each day a new disease or new virus is being discovered. Being in this populated and polluted environment our immune system is being degraded day by day. Therefore to increase the immunity system there are several immunity boosters available around. But in place of using the natural immunity boosters many people try to go for chemical based products, which do help but have some negative impacts as well. Even excess intake of the natural immunity boosters can be harmful too.

Let’s talk about some of the natural immunity boosters which are generally used in India. Here we use a term called “Kaadha” (Concoction), which is one of the very common natural immunity booster used. There are some other things as well like “Turmeric milk” which is also a good and common drink used in India to boost immunity. But as everything has some pros and cons. Uncontrolled and excessive use of anything is harmful. Due to corona outbreak everybody is trying to protect themselves by using several immunity boosters without even knowing their proper dosage and side effects. Moreover some people are mixing and matching different types of immunity boosters that are now causing many harmful effects in the body.

Some of the common side effects of Immunity Boosters are listed below:

  • Bleeding from Nose – This is quiet common in the summer season. But if one is using these immunity boosters, it is shown up at a very early stage of consuming the product. This simply indicates that either it is not suitable for you or you’re taking it in an excessive amount.
  • Too much acidity – Intake of immunity boosters can make your gastric glands produce more acid than needed for the digestion process. This makes you feel burning sensation below the breastbone as acidity.
  • Indigestion – Sometimes taking these products can make your stomach upset or can cause a problem in your digestive system. This is caused due to harm to useful bacteria present in intestines.
  • Mouth ulcers – The reason for occurring moth ulcers is again related to excess heat produced from these boosters which are showing reactions through ulcers.
  • Problem in Urination – It is generally seen in people who have consumed excess vitamins. Problems like urinary storage or incontinence can be seen in this case. One can find this if there is any strong urge or pressure to urinate immediately with little or no warning.
  • Yellowish eyes and gastric irritation– Most common side effect of overdose of most commonly used healing spice “Turmeric”. Although Turmeric is known for its healing quality all over the world but very few know that its excessive intake may also cause gastric irritation and in few cases yellowish eyes also.


These are some very common side effects which can occur. The only condition here is it depends on body to body and dosage also.


At this point of time we all need to have strong immunity. Moreover making the immunity stronger with natural immunity boosters is the best option. But always consider the side effects of anything you are taking. Most importantly manage the dose under proper guidance and check whether the ones you are using suiting your body or not.