Vrat Ki Thali

Festive season has arrived with the commencement of Navratri. People from most of the parts of the country observe fast in these nine days of Navratri. Every festival and occasion in our country India has some spiritual as well as gastronomic significance.

Especially during Navratri, fasting is done but fasting delicacies and dishes have special place in Indian Vegetarian cuisine. The food consumed during fasting is not only fulfilling but also healthy and detoxifying also.

Here’s a List of 10 Vrat Ki Thali Ideas for my friends who are confused and juggled around daily what food to prepare during fasting. This list is not only give fulfilling ideas about food during fasting (vrat ka khana) but also helps to save time and has variety that will help enjoying Navratri better.

Here I have tried to include best and healthy options to prepare during fasting. Individuals have to decide upon ingredients that suit best their body.

List of 10 Vrat Ki Thali Ideas

  1. Kuttu Poori + Aloo Curry + Kaddoo ki Sabji +Sabudana Kheer + Lauki Raita + Dhaniya Chutney
  2. Rajgira Parantha + Phalari Kadhai Paneer + Pumpkin Parantha + Dhaniya Chutney + Makhana Kheer
  3. Kuttu Dosa + Coconut Chutney + Aloo Curry + Apple Kheer
  4. Rajgira Poori + Kaddoo Ki Khatti Meethi Sabji + Dahi Arbi + Lauki Kheer
  5. Vrat ki Idli + Coconut Chutney + Aloo Curry + Coconut Ladoo
  6. Singhare ki Poori + Paneer Makhana Curry + Jeera Aloo + Lauki Raita + Samvat Rice Kheer
  7. Vrat Ka Aloo Parantha + Dhaniya Chutney + Cucumber Raita + Mawa Paak
  8. Singhara Atta Roti + Arbi Dahi + Aloo Makhana + Khatti Meethi Chutney + Lauki Halwa
  9. Kuttu Atta Roti + Dahi Aloo + Kaddoo Sabji + Sabudana Kheer
  10. Samvat Rice Khichdi + Dahi Raita + Dhaniya Chutney + Rajgira Halwa

There is vast variety and options for Food For Fasting. However the list above is about easy and healthy options of Healthy Indian Food for fasting. Preparations can be done before hand to save time. During fasting try to include lots of fresh fruits and nuts also to remain fresh and hydrated.

Check out fruit chaat without salt or with sendha namak as a healthy snack during fasting.