Monsoon Detox Drinks

Regular detoxification of body is very much important for healthy living in every season. Natural detoxification is better and without any any side effects. During monsoon season also you detox your body with multiple Monsoon Detox drinks.

Although monsoon season gives relief from encroaching heat of summers but this season is favorable for multiple micro organisms and disease to multiply. Body is prone to many infections in monsoon season. Therefore it is very important to include some detoxifying drinks in our regular diet to stay fit and healthy.

Monsoon detox drinks not only hydrate the body and provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body but also help in flushing out of toxins from body. Additionally monsoon detox drinks also act as immunity boosters. It is always advisable to have nutritional supplements in diet through natural sources inspite of taking over the counter tablets and capsules.

Let’s see how to make Monsoon Detox Drinks at home

List of 3 Monsoon Detox Drinks

  1. Grapefruit and Lemon Drink

    We all know that lemon is a very good source of vitamin C and loaded with multiple antioxidants. Drinking grapefruit and lemon drink is as beneficial as lemonade especially in rainy season. The vitamin c content of lemon and grapes help in weight loss, prevents hairfall, makes skin glowing and helps improving body metabolism.

How to make Grapefruit and Lemon Drink

  • In 1lt glass container take 1 lt water.
  • Add 10- 12 grapes and juice of 1 lemon.
  • Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Consume this drink within 1 hour.
  • Don’t consume this drink if kept for long hours.

2. Apple Cinnamon Drink

Apples are rich source of dietary fibers, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Dietary fibers in apples help to keep digestive system healthy. Moreover

vitamins and antioxidants improve metabolism and help in detoxification.

Moreover cinnamon also has a lot of medicinal value including rich antioxidant

content and stress reliever. Apple cinnamon drink is not only a very good

monsoon detox drink but is also very refreshing. Drinking this drink every

morning helps to keep skin healthy and glowing.

How to make Apple Cinnamon Drink

  • Take 1lt water in a glass container or infuser bottle.

  • Add few pieces of apple in this water.

  • Now add 1 inch long cinnamon stick.

  • Leave it for 3-4 hours.

  • Consume it after altleast 3-4 hours.

3. Green Apple Mint Drink

The aroma of mint itself is very refreshing. Adding this aromatic leaves with green

apple adds on to the detoxification action. When mint leaves mixed with green

apple in water a very refreshing Monsoon Detox drinks is prepared that not only

improves metabolism but acts as stress buster. Moreover this drink is good for skin

and hair.

How to make Green Apple Mint Drink

  • In a glass container put few pieces of green apple in 1 lt water.

  • Add 4-5 mint leaves (crushed or torn with hands)

  • Leave it for 1 hour.

  • You can consume it twice daily.

Enjoy this monsoon season with good health with these Monsoon Detox Drinks