Covid diet during infection and recovery

Recovery from any disease mainly depends on treatment planning as well as good and healthy diet. So as with COVID also. Good and well planned COVID diet during infection is very essential for speedy recovery and reduce post COVID complications also. Here’s a quick overview about COVID diet during infection and recovery.

COVID diet during infection and recovery focuses mainly on foods that help rebuild muscle, immunity and energy levels. Therefore diet plan for COVID patients must not only include good balance of proteins, carbohydrates and Vitamins but in the mean time diet should be easily digestible.

What should be there in COVID Diet During Infection and Recovery?

COVID diet During infection and recovery should include :


Maintaining proper fluid balance is very important for body. Water is an important element for life, it carries nutrients in the blood, regulates body temperature, and eliminates waste. COVID infection dehydrates the body, so it’s vital to hydrate yourself sufficiently during and after COVID.

Drink lots of water (8-10 glasses) daily. Additionally include fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, milk, soups, Green tea in your daily diet.

Avoid tea, coffee and sweetened juices.


Proteins are the building blocks of body. Adequate amount of proteins in diet help in faster recovery. Moreover essential amino acids guard body against harmful pathogens.

Consume protein rich diet. COVID diet plan must include high protein food like lentils, milk and milk products, eggs, chicken, fish, soy, nuts, seeds etc.


Carbohydrate are energy source of body. Add calorie-dense foods to get energy levels back lost during COVID. Carbohydrate rich food in COVID diet plan give you a sudden boost of energy. Additionally fiber rich carbohydrate diet keeps the gut healthy and helps regain energy.

Include whole grains like ragi, oats or amaranth in daily diet. Moreover you can have sweet potatoes, different fruits and vegetables in diet.


Although vitamins are required by body in small quantkity but they have important role for healthy body. Different vitamins not only strengthen our immune system they also act as anti oxidants and helps in proper repair of wear and tear of body due to infections and diseases. Include vitamin rich food in COVID diet plan.

Lots of sunshine, Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds are different good sources of Vitamins, dietary fiber and immunity boosters.

Fats and Oils

Not all oils are bad for body. Consume unsaturated fatty acids such as nuts, olive, sunflower, gingelly, soy, canola and corn oils.

Tips for COVID Diet During Infection and Recovery

  • Make a well planned diet chart that includes seasonal fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, milk and milk products according to body suitability.
  • Take daily dose of sunshine in the morning.
  • Include simple breathing exercises in your daily routine.
  • Avoid processed food, fast food, deep-fried snack, cookies and bakery foods.
  • Include immunity booster drinks in your diet but don’t overdo them.

Next we will come up with COVID Diet plan ideas with some sample diet charts….keep connected…maintain social distancing and take care.



Any dietary advice should be followed according to the individual body requirement under the guidance of respective specialist.