lessons learnt from COVID19

It has been almost a year when COVID19 pandemic started. Nobody has ever imagined that the world is going to face such a huge pandemic. This phase of life has taught many good and bad lessons to everybody round the globe and we all learnt from COVID19.


What is COVID19?

COVID19 is an infectious disease caused by Coronavirus. Common symptoms of this disease are cold, cough and fever. COVID19 virus spreads from one person to another through droplets generated by an infected person.

Corona virus belongs to a family of viruses whose infection can cause problems like cold and fever.


The virus infection started In Wuhan, China. So far, no vaccine has been made up to stop this virus from spreading. This virus first started in December 2019 in China and now it is all over the world. Medical fraternity round the world is developing vaccine to treat the corona virus.


In severe cases of Corona virus, breathing difficulties, kidney failure and even death can occur. The risk is severe in kids and elderly people who have asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure or any other systemic problem.


COVID19 pandemic has brought a lot of change in the world. As we all know, each coin has two sides. Everything has its pros and cons. So as with COVID19 also. Many good and bad lessons we have learnt from COVID19.

Good Lessons from COVID19:

  1. Due to this COVID19 pandemic, lockdown took place. This lockdown helped people to take out time to do things which they always wanted to do but couldn’t do due to their busy schedule. People were involved in cooking, dancing, singing, painting etc.

There are people who must have learnt many things, and recognized the hidden talent inside them.


  1. People who used to stay away from their family and friends, and were not able to get time to spend with their family and friends, lived this time to their fullest.
  2. The global suffering taught us being kind to ourselves and to others as well.
  3. With the economic pressure, we have learnt to manage things in lesser money as well. We have learnt the importance of savings. We have realized that how important it is to have a backup of everything. Moreover Covid19 taught us to extract vastness from minimalism.
  4. COVID19 pandemic taught us the value of health workers, policemen etc. who amazed us by giving such wonderful services during this lockdown.
  5. Due to lockdown, nature healed a lot. Less usage of vehicles, less crowd on the streets helped nature recovering.



Bad Lessons from COVID19

  1. Things might be on the track a little now, but initially when all of this happened, everybody was so scared and confused about the situation.
  2. Moreover,The huge increase in unemployment is one of the biggest cons of this pandemic.
  3. Schools and colleges were not productive academically.
  4. N’ number of death losses.
  5. Financial Crisis.
  6. People were so frustrated staying at home, who were not supposed to step out of the house.
  7. Social distancing made get together difficult.
  8. People who were dependent on daily wages, were affected badly. No work means no money to survive.



Lessons for Life from this COVID19 Pandemic:

  1. Always keep your money backup strong.
  2. Heath is wealth.
  3. Future is uncertain
  4. Spend most of your time with your loved ones.
  5. Our health care system should be strong.
  6. Intimacy may look good, and a part of our culture, but maintaining social distancing without offending others is the best thing.
  7. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness should be part of our life.
  8. Additionally, People with high blood pressure, diabetes or any other respiratory diseases should be more cautious about their health.
  9. Little babies and elderly people are more prone to such diseases. Hence, extra care should be provided to them.
  10. However, A pandemic  always hit the economy harsh and can bring it down.
  11. However A leading government and a powerful leader can always be an add on to such situation. Taking necessary steps in order to control such situation shows how powerful a leader is.