World is facing deadly pandemic Corona. Everything has changed due to COVID-19 a lot and so as the festivals also. This year Christmas is also going to be a bit different for all of us. However this doesn’t mean that we won’t celebrate and have fun during Christmas, celebrate festival with safety. Merry Christmas During Corona-Celebrate with Safety. Only the methods will change for safety and prevention from Corona.

Fun filled options to celebrate Christmas and Stay Safe from Corona:

  • Distance Gifting

Send and give gifts at a distance. To have personal touch and stay connected open the gift with your loved ones over video call.

  • Bake at Home

Try out baking cakes, cookies and other stuff at home involving family members together. This will make family bond stronger. Merry Christmas During Corona-Celebrate with Safety.

  • Avoid Get together

This time avoid get together especially children and elderly people. Catch upon family and friends over virtual dinner. Although this can’t be compared to the fun and joy of real family dinner but won’t let anybody feel lonely.

  • Dance Party

Another twist to Christmas celebration is throw a virtual dance party. Get onto your finest party gowns and suits and have a blast.

  • Gaming all through the night

Many families love to gather and play board games night long on Christmas eve. Have fun by playing different board games with your friends and family over multiple platforms online.

  • Go for a ride and enjoy view of lightning and decorations

Although whole globe has suffered a lot during this pandemic Corona, but this has also given time to spend time with family. You can go on ride and enjoy brightness and decoration.

Stay safe and maintain social distancing but don’t let the brightness of Christmas fade due to Corona – Merry Christmas Merry Christmas During Corona-Celebrate with Safety.

Lessons learnt from COVID19

Merry Christmas During Corona-Celebrate with Safety

Merry Christmas!