Health benefits and side effects of Ber Indian Jujube

Jujubes are a kind of fruit with a unique sour and sweet taste, widely known as Ber in India (Ber Indian Jujube). The scientific name of this fruit is Ziziphus jujube. Apart from India, these fruits can be easily found in parts of China, eastern and southern Asia, and Europe. Ber Indian Jujube fruit is enjoyed almost all over the world, as it can be termed as delicious and has a lot of health benefits essential in the human body. In India Ber is related to Hindu mythological God Lord Shiva and is offered to God and consumed during Shivaratri. Like every other fruit Ber has many health benefits as well as side effects.So let’s have a look at Health benefits and side effects of Ber (Indian Jujube)

Some Widely Known Health Benefits Of Ber/Jujube

  • Works Wonders In Losing Weight

Ber Indian Jujubes are a rich source of healthy fibers and proteins with a very low-calorie content. Food items like this helps in controlling the glucose levels of our body.

  • Improves Mental Well-Being

Recent research showed that jujube possesses neuron-protective impacts on human beings. It can stabilize brain nerves safeguarding against insomnia and anxiety. Further studies have revealed that jujube has anti-depressant qualities and initiates positive actions on stress hormones and neurotransmitters. The enzymes in this fruit such as kaempferol rutinosude help in uplifting total brain health.

  • Keeps Blood Pressure In Check

We already mentioned that jujube is great in lowering the blood sugar levels in our body. It acts the same way to keep the blood pressure in check as well. It increases the levels of nitric oxides in our blood up to a safe extent and hence the blood circulation in our body becomes better. On top of that, Ber Indian Jujube is low in sodium but highly nutritious in potassium. Potassium is a useful mineral for vasodilation of the blood and to maintain optimum blood pressure.

  • Full Of Anti-oxidants

Jujube has high levels of Vitamin C and betulinic acid. This acid acts as an antioxidant in our body and protects us against oxidation stresses.

  • Great For Boosting The Digestive System

As already said earlier, jujube is high in natural fibers. Fibrous food items develop and enhance the digestive system altogether.

Ber Indian Jujube is even used for making medicines to fight digestion issues, such as IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). It activates the enzyme AMPK which gives instant relief from this disease.

Jujube also has pectin in it which is an anti-diarrhea enzyme.

  • Helps In Detoxification Of Blood

Ber Indian Jujube is full of alkaloids and saponins. These components directly help the body detoxify the blood. Jujube is a must-eat fruit to eliminate harmful components, toxins, and unwanted enzymes from the blood. Hence, this fruit saves us from numerous kinds of blood diseases.

  • Safe fruit to consume during Pregnancy

When consumed in right amount Ber Indian Jujube is considered safe during pregnancy as it is rich source of multiple nutrients.

Minor Side-effects That These Fruits Can Impose

Jujube is a pretty safe fruit to eat. However, doctors advise avoiding these fruits in case you are prescribed some specific medications. It might react chemically with medicines and create a harmful substance or else, just invalidate the function of the medicines. Especially if you take any anti-depressant drugs, having Jujubes are strictly prohibited.

Jujube Fruit Nutritional Chart

This nutritional chart is based on 1 medium-sized raw Jujube. Let us see what these little fruits have to offer us.


Calories 22 K cal

Protein 0.34g

Carbohydrates 5.66 g

Total Fat 0.06 g

No cholesterol and no Trans-fat.

One single Jujube fruit has some vitamins packed in it. Here is the list

Vitamin C 19.3mg

Vitamin A. 11.12 IU

No Riboflavin

No Thiamine

Niacin 0.3mg

No Vitamin B-6

No Vitamin B-12.

  • Minerals Chart

Calcium   6mg

Magnesium   3mg

Phosphorus   6mg

Iron   0.13mg

Sodium   1mg

Potassium   70mg

Zinc   0.01mg

 Final Takeaway

Jujube is known to the world in various names such as kul, Ber, mukundi, etc. These fruits are packed with rich flavor as well as essential nutrients. On the other side of the coin, these fruits might possess some mild effects as well. We have covered it both in this article: the health benefits and side effects of Ber (Indian Jujube). It is extremely popular all over India for the delicious condiments that can be prepared from these fruits. Happy Shivratri.