Natural honey never goes stale

Do you know that natural honey never goes stale? Rather natural honey lasts forever. We all know honey is a natural sweetener loaded with many health benefits including antibacterial proteins and enzymes alongwith plenty of antioxidants.

If you are lucky enough to get real unadulterated natural honey then forget about Natural honey going stale. But you have to store it in moisture free container and conditions.

There are two main factors responsible for spoilage of food items. First one is moisture content and second one is low acidity. But here the good news is that honey in natural state is very low in moisture and very acidic. When stored in sealed jar bacteria die almost immediately in low moisture and highly acidic environment.

Even if honey darkens over time or crystalizes, honey remains edible. So store honey in an airtight container preferably glass jars and see natural honey as fresh as ever. Plastic or metalic jars may oxidize honey and temperature changes may lead to altered flavour.

Even archaeologists have found thousands years old pots of honey still looking fresh.

You can go and splurge well in this pantry staple that is natural honey and add on to your health without worrying about Honey getting stale or expiring.