Janmashtami festival is celebrated with pomp across the country on Ashtami Tithi of Shukla Paksha. This time Janmashtami will be celebrated on 12 August. On Janmashtami, the devotees get filled with joy and enjoy the birth anniversary of Krishna. People make a variety of dishes to appease Kanha. Lord Krishna is offered their favorite food, Makhan Mishri .

56 bhog is also offered to Krishna ji during Janamashtami.

What is 56 Bhog?

56 Bhog is a large feast of 56 items offered to Lord Krishna during Lord Krishna’s pooja especially birth anniversary Janamashtami.

Basically 56 Bhog includes different food items of all 6 different tastes Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, Astringent.

This 56 Bhog comprises of various delicacies involving friuts, dry fruits, sweets and many more.

Tradition behind offering 56 Bhog

Once all Brajwasis were going to worship Indra Dev, the king of heaven. For which a huge event was being organized. Krishna ji asked Nandababa who all the people were preparing to worship, Nandababa told Krishna ji that all the people are preparing to worship Indra Dev, the god of rain, they will rain with delight.

Krishna ji said that it is his duty to bring rain. For this, why should we worship them, if we want to worship, then we should worship Govardhan Parvat, from which we get fruits and vegetables, our animals get fodder. Everyone liked the words of Krishna ji. After which, instead of worshiping Devraj Indra, everyone worshiped Govardhan Parvat

Indradev considered this to be his insult and this caused Devaraja to become extremely angry, he ordered his promoter to rain heavily. As soon as torrential rains started raining all over, water started to appear everywhere. Due to the strong storm and rain, the trees were uprooted from their place, all Gokul and Brajwasi got nervous.

At the time of this crisis, Krishna ji said that there is no need to panic, now we will get shelter from Govardhan Parvat. Therefore to save people from the wrath of Devraj Indra, Krishna ji lifted the entire Govardhan Parvat on the little finger. Finally all took refuge under Govardhan Parvat.

It rained continuously for seven days. And for seven days, Krishna Ji kept Govardhan on his finger without eating and drinking anything. Krishna ji used to eat eight times every day. All together made 56 bhog for Krishna ji according to eight prahars. It is believed that the tradition of offering 56 bhog started since then.


What are the names of the 56 dishes included in the 56 bhog?

Here is the list of items of all 6 tastes that are served to Lord Krishna:

1) Bhakta (bhaat/rice),

2) Soup (dal/ pulse),

3) Pralah (chutney),

4) Sadika (kadhi),

5) Dadhishakaja (curd shak ki kadhi),

6) Sikhrini (Sikhran),

7) Avaleh (Sharabat) ),

8) Balka (Baati)

9) Ikshu Kherini (Murabba),

10) Shakkarpara

11) Batak (Vada/Bada),

12) Madhu title (Mathri),

13) Phenika (Feni),

14) Parishta ( Puri),

15) Shatapatra (Khajala),

16) Sadhidrak (Ghevar)

17) Chakram (Malpua),

18) Childika (Chola),

19) Sudha Kundalika (Jalebi),

20) Dhritpur (Mesu),

21) Vaypur (Rasgulla) ,

22) Chandrakala (Pagi),

23) Dadhi (Maharatita),

24) Sthooli (Thuli)

25. Karpoornadi (Longepuri),

26. Khand Mandal (Khurma),

27. Godhum (Dalia),

28. Parikha,

29. Suphaladhaya (containing fennel),

30. Dadhirupa (Bilasaru),

31. Modak (Laddu),

32. Shak ( Saag)

33. Saudhan (Adhanau Pickle),

34. Mandaka (Moth),

35. Payas (Kheer)

36. Dadhi (Curd),

37. Goghrit,

38. Hayangpinam (Butter),

39. Manduri (Malai),

40. Kaupika

41. Parpat (Papad),

42. Shaktika (Sira),

43. Lasika (Lassi),

44. Suvat,

45. Sanghay (Mohan),

46. Sufla (Supari),

47. Sita (Cardamom),

48. Fruit ,

49. Tambool,

50. Mohan Bhoga,

51. Salty

52. Kashay,

53. Madhur (Sweet)

54. Tikt (spicy)

55. Katu (bitter)

56. Acid(sour)

Wish you all a very Happy Janamashtami 🙂