Healthy Insian Meal planner for 1 week

 Today’s life is busy and jam packed. So it is a big responsibility to keep good balance with professional and personal life without disturbing any one. Therefore Good health and staying fit becomes a matter of concern. In order to keep a balance with professional life sometimes healthy food habits and timings get disturbed resulting in excessive weight gain (Obesity), Depression, Fatigue, Hypertension, Diabetes and other disorders. Maintaining healthy lifestyle is not very difficult and this only needs little bit of  preparation for weekly planning of meals.

  • For instance, Healthy Indian Meal Planner For 1 Week provides not only healthy Indian food options but also variety, good taste and recipes are easy to make.

Here I am presenting a sample of Healthy Indian Meal Plan for a week that focus on providing Nutritious and Healthy Meal options. Here it is kept in mind to balance the minerals and nutrients required in general. Moreover, this Healthy Indian Meal Planner For 1 Week if follwed with daily exercises for a month or long may help in weight loss and above all will make you healthy.

  • However alterations can be made according to individual taste, availability of materials and season. So I will keep updating this section with more options and varieties.


Healthy  Indian Meal Plan for 1 Week – Sample

Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Otameal with dry and fresh fruits and seeds like flaxseeds Aloo Matar Curry+ Parantha/Rice or Both + Salad Arhar Dal(Yellow Toor Dal/Lentil)/ Moong Split Dal + Pumpkin(Kadoo ki Sabji)+ Chapati
Tuesday Mix Vegetable Sandwich/ Butter Toast+ 1 Glass Milk Panchmel Dal(multiple lentils)+ Rice/ Chapati or Both+ Curd/ Raita Lauki Aloo Curry+ Chapati
Wednesday Sprouted Moong Chana Chaat + Fresh fruit juice Arhar Malka Dal+ Jeera Aloo+ Rice/ Chapati or Both Masoor Dal+ Beans Soya nuggets sabji+ Chapati
Thursday Vegetable Poha+ Milk/ Banana Shake Sabut Moong Dal Tadka+ Rice/ Chapati or Both+ Curd/ Raita Matar Paneer+ Chapati
Friday Paneer Bhurji+ Chapati/ parantha+ Tea/ Coffee Rajma Curry+ Rice/ Chapati/ Both+ Curd/ Raita Lauki Chana Dal + Aloo Gobhi Sabji+ Chapati
Saturday Mix Vegetable+ Chapati/ Parantha+ Buttermilk Arhar Dal+ Mix Vegetable +Rice/Chapati or Both + Salad with Lemon Arbi Curry/ Soya nuggets Matar curry/ Baingan Bharta+ Chapati
Sunday Idli +Chutney and Sambhar Chole Chawal/ Sambhar Rice + Salad Beans Aloo Sabji+ Soya nuggets potato curry+ Chapati