The most awaited festival of Diwali is just approaching and many households are busy with cleaning and decluttering. Diwali remarks the day of return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman after 14 years of Vanwas. People of Ayodhya welcomed their victory over evil by lighting lamps all over the city.

Moreover it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Prosperity) roams on earth this day and enters the clean and bright houses. Therefore people clean up and brighten up their homes during Diwali.

Most of the traditions and rituals followed with different festivals in our country India have scientific basis. Festival of Diwali usually comes after rainy season is over and winters start beginning. During every changing season microbial action aggrevates. Cleaning and decluttering done during this season prevents many seasonal diseases. If one is healthy then prosperity comes naturally.

Cleaning and Decluttering are two different terms. Cleaning is basically wiping and removing dust. But decluttering refers to throwing away unnecessary stuff that is not required.

Here we will discuss simple rules of Decluttering to bring prosperity your home this Diwali

  • Weekly habit of decluttering

Try to organize your stuff on weekly or monthly basis so that you don’t end up piling up unnecessary items.

  • Change the mindset

Change the mindset of not throwing away unnecessary stuff thinking that it will come in use someday. For most of the things this someday never comes.

  • Get rid of pile of clothes

Take out extra unnecessary clothes from your closet. You can donate your old clothes that you are not wearing to needy.

  • Step by step

Don’t jump to declutter everything in a single day. This will be very tiring for you. Better plan it well and do specific areawise.

  • Change plastic bottles

It is imperative to change your water bottles frequently, especially if they are plastic ones.


There are many people who have the habit of saving everything from plastic bags to old newspapers and toothbrushes. Saving the things for future use is not bad but try to make some specific space for such things at your home and clean them regularly.

TakeĀ  pride in the number of things you keep with yourself and the things you throw away or give it to somebody who values it more than you do.

Have a Happy Diwali full of Prosperity