Crispy Treats from India

Crispy treats from India do not need any introduction. You will have multiple options of crispy treats if you come from India’s outsides. Still, for Indians, it is not only about tastes but also a traditional regime that remains part of our culture. Out of a myriad of crispy treats, papad and chips are the most wanted crispy snacks and popular irrespective of age. We have a love affair with papad and chips. Especially, papad remains a constant food item in the menu list of any social occasion or gatherings, even in regional cuisines. Chips are not connected to things socially or traditionally, but we all love affection. These two snacks need tender care, including slicing, peeling to make the texture thin and sundried. After that, they are stored in air-tight containers to become crispy. They can be spiced or plain and are made of pulses and flours.


Brief History of Papad

Papad is a famous snack dish in India. It is mainly served with the main meal. If you want to know papad’s history, you have to go to the old days, 500 years back approximately. The origin of papad is from southern India. It is also popular in northern states.

Papad holds many different names in different zones of India, such as Appalam, Pappadam, Happala, and many others. The cooking process of papad is the same everywhere, but the spices are different for each papad.

After blending the dough of black gram flour, people usually give them a desk-sized shape. This way is an ancient way of making papad.

Here we will discuss different kinds of papad from other regions of India.

  1. Aloo Papad: made from potatoes that are boiled and pasted. This papad belongs to the northern part of India, such as; Delhi, Punjab, and UP.
  2. Shakuli: hilly regions are famous for serving and making this papad. This papad belongs to Himachal Pradesh. It is good in tests and a part of the Himachal meal or thali. They are very light in weight as thin as paper. So you can have a plate of Shakuli to cherish your time with pleasure.
  3. Kali Mirch Papad: those who love the spicy and hot taste of black pepper must taste this papad for once. It is Punjabi spicy papad, and people there serve these papads with tomatoes, onions, chillies, and chat masala.


  1. Bajra Na Papad: this is one of the best crunchy foods in India. Bajra na papad is made with the nutrients of Bajra flour and salt. This papad’s origin is in Gujarat.


  1. Nachni Papad: this papad is full of the goodness of Ragi flour. Nachni papad is originated in Maharashtra and called Nachni papad. This papad is brown and different from others for its texture.


  1. Garlic Papad: the flavour of garlic blends with the daal to produce this papad. After having this crispy treat, you will love to have it again. This papad is popular in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.
  2. Elai Vadam: it belongs to South India, and the residents, especially women, used to make this papad with rice and salt. They also add sabudana (Sago) and some spices. It is served with sambar, rice, and pickles.
  3. Khichiya Papad: In Gujarat, khichiya papad means rice papad. This papad tastes good with ghee or curries.
  4. Hing Papad: it is a part of a western belt of India. It is famous for its unique flavour and fragrance.
  5. Sabudana Papad: small and white tapioca pearls that we call sabudana are very alluring and delightful.

Delightful Chips Are Here

We should come to chips as a crispy treat in India. Potato chips are full of spices and piquant flavours. They are mouth-watering snacks loved by every person irrespective of age. These thin layers of potato are baked sometimes and deep-fried with some ingredients such as; cheese, herbs, and spices. They are available in varieties of textures, from plain to spicy. There are various famous brands of potato chips in India.

Different types of Crispy Chips are made in Northern Part of India especially in Utter Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh with potatoes, rice, sooji etc and known as Kachri. These are made especially during the festival of colors called “Holi”.


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Bottom Line

Come and have a taste of your favorite crispy treat from India. Hope you are ready for a snacks party with this excellent munchy and crispy treats. I hope this article will satisfy the papad and chips lovers, from all across the country. You can also enjoy these alluring snacks with your meals. These will rich your dishes and give you a zing to enjoy.