Corn a superfood for all

Corn or maize a superfood for all is basically a grain loaded with high fiber content, multivitamins and antioxidants. Most of us like eating sweet corn as snacks and in many recipes. But let me make it very clear that don’t get misled by the term sweet used with corn. Rather sweet corn is rich in carbs and fibers and has low to medium glycemic index. This means sweet corn can be safely included by diabetics in their diet as it does not cause quick spike in blood sugar levels.

Just add on this superfood in your diet in any form sweetcorn, popcorn, cornflakes, cornflour, tortillas, boiled or baked corn cob, corn chips.

Let’s have a look at several health benefits of Corn

Regular intake of Corn a superfood has a lot of health benefits for all.

Health Benefits of Corn 

  • Energy Booster Carbohydrates in corn get digested at slower rate and provide energy for longer duration. Therefore corn is a superfood for athletes and body builders.
  • Weight Control Diet with corn is fulfilling and rich in nutrients. So inclusion of corn in regular diet can help in weight control in healthy manner without getting fatigue and weak.
  • Weight gain As corn is rich in carbohydrates and many other nutrients regular intake of corn in diet can help in gaining some weight without compromising health. No need to go for junk food options for gaining weight.
  • Healthy eyes Corn, which is high in lutein and zeaxanthin, may assist to keep your eyes healthy.
  • Controls blood sugar (Diabetes) and CholesterolAs corn has low to medium Glycemic index (GI) it helps control diabetes. Moreover corn is a good source of dietery fibers that helps control cholesterol also.
  • Healthy Colon Controlled and regular intake of corn helps to keep colon healthy. However excessive intake of corn may cause bloating in some people.
  • Good for kids Including corn in regular diet of kids after checking its tolerance helps healthy growth of kids.


The information in this article are according to the best knowledge of author. Any change in diet for specific disease should be undertaken only under the advise of respective specialist.