Coffee recipes for summer

Thinking of coffee in summers so read and try out delicious and refreshing coffee recipes for summer. Coffee lovers don’t have to compromise their coffee cravings due to hot weather. Enjoy and beat the heat with our cooling coffee recipes for summer.

5 Coffee Recipes for summer

Here’s a list of 5 Coffee Recipes for summer that will not only boost your energy but also refresh you in summer season.

  • Iced Coffee

This is one of the easiest recipe for coffee lovers. Just brew your coffee with water and add ice. You may or may not use milk. Simplest method is prepare coffee ice cubes beforehand and whenever you feel like having coffee add it to chilled milk or water as per your choice. For cooling and refreshing twist top it up with vanilla ice cream and a pinch of nutmeg powder.

Remember to prepare ice cubes with double the strength of coffee.


  • Cold Coffee

Brew your regular cup of coffee with milk and cool it. Shake it with electric whisker and add ice to it. Add sugar as per your requirement. Experiment with different flavors by adding on vanilla flavored whipped cream or ice cream or chocolate syrup or a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg powder.


  • Coffee Popsicle

Popsicle not only relieve heat but also elevate mood. For coffee lovers trying out coffee Popsicle is also a great refreshing option. Brew a bit strong coffee with your choice of sweetener but without milk. Let it cool down and freeze and set in ice cream/ Popsicle stand. This refreshing twist to coffee is definitely an ultimate summer cooler.


  • Coffee Kulfi/ Ice cream

Here you just have to give creamy twist to coffee with milk, cardamom, sugar, few dry fruits of your choice, condensed milk, cinnamon and nutmeg. Prepare a creamy mix of milk with all the ingredients by cooking it over low flame and constant stirring. Then set this creamy mix in ice cream/ Kulfi stand for few hours (at least 6-7 hours).


  • Mint Coffee

Prepare refreshing coffee with goodness of mint at home easily. You just have to prepare your regular cup of coffee with milk and sugar a bit stronger, cool it. Add this coffee and mint leaves in a shaker with ice and shake it well. Enjoy your cold and refreshing mint coffee.