Banana Smoothie/Shake
  • What is Banana Smoothie/ Banana ShakeBanana Smoothie/ Banana Shake is a very healthy and soothing drink especially during summers.  Super fruit Banana is a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium but also a fulfilling fruit. Banana provide plenty of minerals and vitamins and act as immunity booster and metabolism booster as well. When banana is blended with milk it makes a delicious smoothie or shake. Banana smoothie/ shake made at home is laced with lots of health benefits for all age groups whether adults or kids.
  •  Banana Smoothie/ Banana Shake How to Make At Home

         Take 1 banana, peel it and put in blender jar. Add 1/2 glass milk           (either full cream or skimmed- as per choice). Blend it into a                  smooth shake or smoothie.

         Add nuts of your choice, or seeds like flax seeds,                          pumpkin seeds for healthier versions. However No additional     sweetener is required. Rather make use of honey, maple syrup or dates for additional sweetness.

  • Banana Smoothie/ Banana Shake- Benefits

      Banana Smoothie/ Banana Shake has a lot of health benefits:

  1. Healthy Weight gain
  2. Healthy Weight loss
  3. Best introductory food for kids
  4. Provides energy for whole day if taken during breakfast
  5. Prevents cravings for junk food as it is fulfilling and wholesome
  6. Keeps body hydrated
  7. Provides essential nutrients to the body good for physical and mental healthier.

  Appliance to make Banana Shake

        A powerful blender should be used to make smoothies and               shakes.

Commonly available hand blenders with food processors prepare good quality of shakes and smoothies.

Although different types of hand blenders, electric froth makers are also available in the market.

Alternatively if these blenders are not available prepare banana shake or smoothie at home by mashing bananas uniformly and adding and mixing milk smoothly. Although this won’t be very frothy but still healthy option can be prepared at home.


Recipe Tips:

  • Use milk of your choice. For instance for weight loss use skimmed milk, if planning for weight gain opt for full cream milk.
  • Lactose intolerant can use coconut milk or soya milk or Greek Yoghurt.
  • Use fresh or frozen bananas to prepare Banana shake or smoothie.
  • Bananas vary in sweetness. Do not to use artificial and additional sweetener. use honey, maple syrup or dates if required . These are healthier options.
  • Make use of healthy seeds like Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds for more healthier options for adults.