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Paneer (cottage cheese) is one of the most common ingredient of Indian cuisine that is prepared by curdling of milk with lemon juice or vinegar. Paneer is unaged, soft, non melting cheese and one of the richest source of calcium, proteins and healthy fats. Its high protein content is good for muscles. Nutritional values of paneer makes it a superfood for healthy weight loss also.

Each and every preparation with paneer is enough to tickle one’s taste buds whether it is Shahi Paneer, paneer butter masala, paneer bhurji, Paneer salad or paneer do pyaza.

This is one such dairy product that can be consumed raw or can be prepared with other vegetables like peas(matar paneer), capscicum(chili paneer), spinach(palak paneer) etc.

Paneer can be called as king of indian vegetarian party dishes. Multiple recipes can be prepared with paneer. Here we are enlisting few paneer dishes:

  • Shahi paneer
  • Matar paneer
  • Dam paneer kaali mirch
  • Paneer kofta
  • Paneer bhurji
  • Chilli paneer
  • Paneer butter masala
  • Paneer tikka
  • Paneer do pyaza
  • Paneer parantha
  • Palak paneer
  • Methi chaman
  • Paneer bhurji with gravy
  • Paneer korma
  • Paneer sandwich
  • Achari paneer
  • Paneer makhani
  • Mushroom paneer
  • Paneer khurchan
  • Paneer jalfarezi
  • Paneer palak bhurji
  • Paneer peas bhurji
  • Paneer cutlet
  • Paneer schezwan
  • Aloo paneer
  • Paneer manchurian

10 main course dishes with paneer(cottage cheese)

  1. Shahi paneer
  2. Matar paneer
  3. Paneer butter masala
  4. Palak paneer
  5. Chilli paneer
  6. Kadhai paneer
  7. Paneer do pyaza
  8. Dam paneer kali mirch
  9. Mushroom paneer
  10. Paneer makhane wali

5 Types of Paneer Bhurji Dishes

  1. Plain paneer bhurji
  2. Vegetable paneer bhurji
  3. Matar paneer bhurji
  4. Palak paneer bhurji
  5. Paneer beans bhurji

10 Paneer Snacks Dishes

  1. Paneer tikka
  2. Paneer cheela
  3. Paneer cutlet
  4. Paneer 65
  5. Hara tawa paneer
  6. Paneer popcorn
  7. Paneer fingers
  8. Paneer fritters
  9. Pahadi paneer tikka
  10. Paneer bread pakora

5 Paneer Indian Bread Dishes

  1. Paneer parantha
  2. Paneer kachori
  3. Paneer kulcha
  4. Bread paneer roll
  5. Paneer naan