Healthy Eating Tips for Ramzan During COVID 19 Lockdown

The Muslim fasting month of Ramzan has started in the middle of global pandemic of COVID 19. Traditionally this holy month of Ramzan brings families and people together in Iftar for prayer and meals. But this time most of the Mosques remain closed and social distancing and isolation have become mandatory in many countries.

Health issues of fasting in Ramzan during COVID 19 outbreak during lockdown remains matter of concern. Although fasting is believed to benefit mind and body but if done by including few healthy eating tips for Ramzan during COVID 19 lockdown will have additional benefits like weight control, immunity boost up and healthy mind.

Follow following tips healthy eating tips for Ramzan during COVID 19 lockdown

Include High Carbohydrate and fiber food in Seheri and Iftar:

Multigrain bread, Rice( brown rice), oats and other whole grains are high source of carbohydrates and fibers that not only provides essential energy for whole day of fasting but also prevents unnecessary weight gain.

Try out Oat meals with skimmed milk, fruits like apples, banana, raisins and honey.

Add on Fruits in Diet

Fruits are rich sources of fibres, anti oxidants and many other minerals to keep body hydrated and boost immunity. Its better to have fruits than juices. But if having juices drink them with some snacks to avoid acidity and gastritis.

Try out Banana shake, Chikoo (Sapodilla) shake with nuts other fruit smoothies with skimmed milk and honey for Seheri to maintain day long energy supply during fasting. Mixed fruit cream with different types of fruits is a good option for Seheri.

Fresh fruit juices goes well during iftar with snacks and starters.

Adequate amount of Proteins for immunity boost up

Good amount of proteins help to maintain body’s defence system and boosts immunity and also prevents weight gain.

Dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt are good source of proteins. Other great source of proteins are pulses, fish, chicken and meat.

Try out Aloo Chana Chaat, Sprouted Moong Chaat, Rajma Aloo Cutlets, Falafel with Hummus, Mixed Vegetable Kababs for Iftars alongwith Lassi, Buttermilk, fresh fruit juices.

Stay Hydrated with Hydrating Drinks

Its better to avoid tea, coffee during seheri and iftar as caffeine tends to drain out water from body and increase thirst. Stay hydrated with hydrating drinks like fresh fruit juices, fruit smoothies and shakes, buttermilk, Lassi. These provide day long hydration.

Avoid Working Out or Heavy Exercises

Try to avoid work outs and exercises. If required go for light exercise before iftar because if you feel thirsty and sweat out you can have water without getting dehydrated.

Avoid Excessive Salty and Spicy Food during Seheri

Spicy diet tends to increase acidity and gastritis. Red Chillis can be replaced with Green Chillis. Salty food drain out water from body and causes dehydration. Therefore spicy and salty food should be avoided during Seheri

Pregnant and Lactating Females should be Extra Cautious

It is always advisable to seek concerned medical advise about fasting and dietary habits for Pregnant and lactating females.